Middle Eastern Tahini and Lemon Baked Fish

A classic recipe from the Middle East, which, I have lightened up for a low fat and low calorie meal. The nutty flavoured sesame seed sauce (tahini paste) is mixed with fat free yoghurt, lemon juice, lemon zest and parsley for a flavoursome creamy sauce that adds moisture to grilled fish fillets.

Salmon and Greens

Salmon on a bed of delicious, earthy greens, with bay, lemon and fennel.

Low-Calorie Salmon & Herb Fishcakes

Packed with fresh herbs and a dash of Tabasco to add a spicy kick, these are perfect for anyone following a low-calorie diet such as the 5:2 diet (for fast days).

Smoked Haddock and Spinach Gratin

A fabulous low-calorie luxury smoked haddock dish that is easy to make, making use of frozen spinach and pre-grated Parmesan cheese and is incredibly tasty.

Salmon Nicoise Salad

A delectable and healthy take on the classic Ni锟給ise Salad; in place of the usual tuna or anchovies, freshly cooked Scottish salmon is used, and a tangy light dressing (low fat and low calorie) adds to the freshness of the combined salad ingredients.

Low-Calorie Moroccan Cod Parcels

A tasty low-calorie meal that is easy to cook and makes a wonderful family meal, as well as being the perfect dish for those following the 5:2 diet for a fast day.

Spicy Mexican Fish Wraps

Lightly spiced and low-calorie fish wraps, perfect for a light family lunch or supper, and easy to cook.

Spicy Fish Creole with Coconut Lime Rice

An exotic Creole inspired recipe that uses fresh British fish with imaginative spicing; the spicy fish is offset by serving it with coconut rice and the each portion is only 350 calories per person with the rice.

Steamed Asian Fish Parcels

These delightful little fish parcels are steamed with Asian inspired spices and vegetables, and make a wonderful low-calorie lunch or supper dish with only 180 calories per portion – that is two fish parcels and a serving of stir-fry vegetables.

Tiger Prawn Curry with Basmati Rice

An authentic “Fake Away” Prawn Curry “Take Away”, but this curry is notched up an extra level as it is made with Tiger Prawns and a delicious home-made curry sauce paste.

Smoked Salmon Pitta Pizza

An elegant and delicious way to serve a low-calorie pizza with gourmet ingredients – this pitta bread pizza is topped with garlic and herb cream cheese, Scottish smoked salmon, red onion and capers, and is served with dill and a lemon wedge for a special light lunch or supper dish when on a diet.

Low-Calorie Haddock Goujons with Garlic Panko Crumb

These simple haddock goujons can be frozen at the crumbed stage – spread them out on a large tray and open freeze; once frozen put them into a freezer bag; they can then be cooked from frozen, allowing an extra 5 to 10 minutes of cooking time.

Low-Fat & Low-Calorie Garlic Hake Fillets

This is a “lightened-up” version of an existing fresh fish recipe I have already posted and is another example of fish as the original fast food, in the pan and on the plate in 15 minutes!

Easy Low-Fat Monkfish Curry

Why bother with ready-made meals from the supermarket when you can have this lovely fish curry on the table in under half an hour!

Salad Nicoise

MY light and tasty version of a classic Salad Nicoise – this salad omits the anchovies and potatoes, which add to the calorie count in this rustic French salad.