Flamenco 100 Calorie Gazpacho Soup

The classic Spanish chilled soup, lightened up for the 5:2 diet – this makes 6 servings and each serving is only 100 calories. Perfect for summer, picnics or light lunches.

Minced Beef and Mint Kheema

A lovely low-calorie beef Kheema, which, is an Indian curry that uses minced beef or lamb; it is well worth making the spice mix as shown in the recipe ingredients, as this makes for a more fragrant curry, and can be easily measured and mixed before cooking commences.

Low-Calorie Moroccan Cod Parcels

A tasty low-calorie meal that is easy to cook and makes a wonderful family meal, as well as being the perfect dish for those following the 5:2 diet for a fast day.

Spicy Fish Creole with Coconut Lime Rice

An exotic Creole inspired recipe that uses fresh British fish with imaginative spicing; the spicy fish is offset by serving it with coconut rice and the each portion is only 350 calories per person with the rice.

Steamed Asian Fish Parcels

These delightful little fish parcels are steamed with Asian inspired spices and vegetables, and make a wonderful low-calorie lunch or supper dish with only 180 calories per portion – that is two fish parcels and a serving of stir-fry vegetables.

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

A creamy low-calorie lunch or breakfast dish with cream cheese, herbs and garlic – this recipe only has 190 calories and makes a filling meal for those on a diet.

Autumn Broth Recipe

Hearty and yet low in calories, this vegetarian broth (or potage) makes a wonderful autumnal lunch or supper dish, and is perfect for those following the 5:2 diet.

Luxury Steak Burger with Artichokes and Olives

Extra lean steak or minced beef is used in these burgers……and the addition of a hot lemon dressing with artichoke hearts and olives lifts these burgers to a luxurious and gourmet level.

Thai Mushroom Soup

This soup is super-light at about 125 calories per bowl, so it’s perfect for a fast day.

Minestrone Soup

A rich and tasty, low calorie soup perfect for those who are watching their weight, but want a filling and satisfying meal.

One Pot Southern-Style Rice

A quick and spicy rice dish. Tomatoes, peppers and courgette are complimented by a range of herbs and spices. Low fat and low calorie. Great if you are following the fast diet.

Slow Cooker Turkey & Kale Scotch Broth

A tasty low-calorie soup in the style of Scotch Broth that is packed with vegetables, lean turkey meat and pearl barley. This can be cooked in a slow cooker if you are out all day, or can be simmered on the stove top.

Pepper Steak with Pan-fried Onions, Tomatoes and Spinach

Steak on a diet? Absolutely! This fabulous meal is just under 300 calories and is tasty and filling. You MUST make sure you weigh your steak and trim it of all fat. This filling meal is perfect for all those following the 5:2 diet.

Cauliflower Mash

tasty low-carb Faux Mashed Potato recipe for Cauliflower Mash with a little cream cheese for a creamy texture. This is perfect for anyone following a low calorie or low-carb diet and is a perfect substitute for spuds. For those on the 5:2 diet, each portion is only 32 to 35 calories!

Spinach and Poached Egg Muffins

A delicious and satisfying recipe that is healthy and tasty; the calorie count per serving is 220 calories, but if using a crumpet in place of a muffin half, then reduce the calories by 20 to 200 calories per portion.