Salmon and Spring Onion Gratins

Easy to prepare, these little salmon gratins are only 250 calories per serving and make a filling and tasty low-calorie meal for anyone on the 5:2 diet. Serve with 100g of steamed broccoli for an extra 35 calories, for a delicious meal under 300 calories.

Celery and Leek Soup

A tasty low-calorie soup that is packed with flavour – perfect for anyone following the 5:2 diet and only 80 calories per serving.

Slow Cooker Turkey & Kale Scotch Broth

A tasty low-calorie soup in the style of Scotch Broth that is packed with vegetables, lean turkey meat and pearl barley. This can be cooked in a slow cooker if you are out all day, or can be simmered on the stove top.

Smoky Carrot and Coriander Soup with Croutons

A delectable spicy and smoky soup that is easily made and that only has 129 calories per generous bowl, including the croutons. This soup makes a comforting meal for a 5:2 diet fast day and is perfect for using up left-over carrots too.

Cauliflower Mash

tasty low-carb Faux Mashed Potato recipe for Cauliflower Mash with a little cream cheese for a creamy texture. This is perfect for anyone following a low calorie or low-carb diet and is a perfect substitute for spuds. For those on the 5:2 diet, each portion is only 32 to 35 calories!

Curried Leek and Apple Soup

A delectable way to use windfall apples and a comforting low calorie soup that will be enjoyed by all the family. This soup is delicious when served with crusty bread, although for those following the 5:2 diet.

Autumn Roast Vegetable & Cheese Salad

A simple and filling cool weather salad that is packed full of textures and flavours. Perfect as a vegetable accompaniment for grilled meats and pasta and also makes a wonderful lunch box meal. Only 112 calories per serving, the recipe makes 4 servings.

Ice Cream Soda

A low-calorie version of the classic ice cream parlour treat, an Ice Cream Soda! Use a reputable low-calorie cream soda and ice cream for a guilt-free treat with no loss of taste and flavour.

Spinach and Poached Egg Muffins

A delicious and satisfying recipe that is healthy and tasty; the calorie count per serving is 220 calories, but if using a crumpet in place of a muffin half, then reduce the calories by 20 to 200 calories per portion.

Lentil soup

This wonderful lentil soup is filling but is hardly any calories! Great for either a main meal or a Fastday snack.

Fridge salad

This is just stuff that I always have in my fridge – so easy to throw together!

Mushrooms on toast

Mushrooms taste great, and have almost no calories – and this recipe takes full advantage.

Roast tomato and Garlic Soup

This soup is fantastic either warm or chilled – so if you have extra throw it in the fridge for your next Fastday!

Honeyed Figs

This wonderful, simple and healthy recipe is a great way of ending a Fastday.