Corey’s 5:2 diet transformation

Corey's 5:2 diet weight loss success story

Corey’s story


I started my health journey 6 months ago. After spending most of my adult life fluctuating between overweight and obese, I decided my lifestyle needed to change. I began looking into vitamins and minerals. Along the way a good friend mentioned fasting but I originally rejected the idea as “crazy”. Then about 4 months ago I watched Dr. Michael Mosley’s documentary Eat, Fast and Live Longer.


This is when I began my fasting journey. My goal wasn’t weight lose but general health. I was interested in lowering my IGF-1 and reducing my risk of diabetes and high blood pressure (both run in the family). My first fast was the hardest, I even packed my food as a normal day because of the fear of not eating, but since then it has gotten easier with each one. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays, unless there’s a special occasion, then I’ll swap my days.
I’ve been fasting for 4 months now and have managed to drop from 108kg to 92kg and also maintain it. I love the life style as it doesn’t restrict me on the weekends and I can change my fast days to suit my week. I only drink water until dinner and usually just have a regular dinner with the family. I don’t usually count my calories as a regular sized home cooked meal would be around the 600 calorie mark. (I sometimes alter the meal slightly, e.g. Brown rice with my bolognese instead of pasta).


My biggest goal each fast day is to maximize my breaks between food, so my body gets the time it needs to repair itself. I look forward to continuing this way of eating for the rest of my life… It’s by far the best change I’ve made to my diet.

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