5 low calorie savoury snacks for your fast days

Snacking on a fasting day may not be for everyone, but if you really need to nibble on something to get you through a more challenging fast, why not consider one of these easy, low calorie savoury treats?

#1 Air-popped popcorn

This is one you can make at home or buy in a packet but either way it makes for a great nibbling snack at around 30 calories for a whole cup of the stuff! Sprinkle on a bit of salt or spice for a savoury snack. If you’re prone to headaches on a fast day this can sometimes be due to having insufficient salt (it literally gets flushed out of your system as you drink more throughout your fast day) so a bit of salted popcorn is a nice way to deal with this problem too.

#2 Soup

If you find the action of chewing is going to make you want to eat more, why not enjoy a nice cup of soup to fill you up but as a change from your usual tea or coffee? Many soups are available which contain around 60 calories a cup, miso soup can often be less than this and is a popular choice among fasters. You can even make your own simple tomato soup from a can of chopped tomatoes, some onions, garlic, seasoning/spices and herbs and blending it down with boiling water for an even lower calorie soup with the added benefit of knowing exactly what has gone into it! Some fasters have found even lower calorie options by simply having a stock cube drink!

#3 Almonds

I wish I liked almonds, I really do. They contain so much goodness and a handful of 7 almonds comes in at around 50 calories providing you with plenty of fibre to keep you feeling full. Not only this but recent studies have suggested that we are unable to digest all of the fat in almonds (and possibly other nuts) meaning they effectively contain around 20% less calories than they are officially listed as having. Don’t use this as an excuse to eat more of them on your fast days, but think of it as a little bonus!

#4 Cottage cheese & dipping vegetables

There’s nothing quite like the crunch of a stick of celery, cucumber, carrot or pepper against the soft, mild flavour of cottage cheese. It’s low in calories compared with other dairy products at around 1 calorie per gram and there are so many yummy, low calorie vegetables you can dip into it for variety.

#5 Pickled vegetables

Alright, this isn’t one you’ll see on a lot of snacking lists but for me these are a personal favourite and had to be included. They come in a convenient jar, can be eaten with minimal fuss and being vegetables the calorie count is low but the nutrition is high! Plus, you have that lovely vinegar, which in itself is good for us. Gherkins, onions or beetroot – hide a jar in your desk drawer at work and tuck in when needs must.

What are your favourite savoury treats for on a fast day? Let us know in the comments!

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