Cheryl H’s 5:2 diet success story

My journey so far

“I was a snug Size 26 now size 18 – 6st 10lb loss so far!”

February 2013 after hearing/discussing the Horizon programme with work mates we purchased the book, read it through a couple times and decided to give it a go. Three of us started, 2 weeks in one gave in, 4 weeks in the other one stopped and 22 months later I’m still 5:2ing and it’s just a way of life now not a chore at all.


Shortly after starting I had a routine docs appointment and was put on blood pressure tablets, I was not happy and vowed I would stick with this to make myself fitter and healthier.

The first year flew by and to be honest not many people noticed my weight loss until I had lost about 4 stone and yes the clothes were far to big but I was use to wearing big to cover me up. The second year the loss has slowed down but it’s still going down which is fine by me…slowly but surely.

I do exercise, my husband bought me a cross trainer and a vibration plate (not just for me we all use them) which are used Monday to Friday and when the whether is better I swim on my fasting days. I’m so much more confident, before I started losing weight I would never have gone swimming.

I’m not a ‘preacher’ but when asked what diet I’m doing I will say it’s not a diet I follow 5:2 and explain a little but always say to read the book and decide for yourself – and to go on the forum, it’s brill!!!

I set myself a goal to get back on my husband motorcycle, the last time I road pillion was 27 years ago and in August 2014 I went shopping, bought myself a bike helmet, jacket, boots and gloves. He got a new motorcycle and off we went.

My next goal is to be brave enough to go to the gym with hubby or daughter and being able to maintain when I am at a weight I am comfortable with not what doctors say I should be.

Finally thank you to the FastDay Forum users for all inspiration, information and help which keeps me on track.

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