7 essential videos for every 5:2 faster!

The Fast Guide to the Fast Diet – for people too lazy to read the book

The Fast Guide to the Fast Diet is absolutely essential viewing for anyone just starting out, especially if you don’t have any of the Fast Diet or 5:2 books. The 5:2 method is explained clearly and simply. Brilliant!

5:2 Fast Day – 5 Top Tips for New Fasters

Some really useful tips for first time fasters from popular 5:2 diet book author Kate Harrison.

The FastDiet (5:2) Weight Loss Results: Before and After

A great collection of before and after photos from successful intermittent fasters, really inspirational to fasters new and old.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet Review

This 5:2 blogger summarises in just 3 minutes her first month on 5:2 while showing exactly what she ate every day and how her measurements decreased. Fantastic to see how much food she enjoyed while she lost weight and inches.

How diet can affect the brain – Eat, Fast, Live Longer – Horizon – BBC

A clip from the original BBC Horizon documentary which started it all, Dr Michael Mosely’s Eat, Fast and Live Longer explains the positive effects of fasting on the brain.

5-2 Diet – How I lost Weight, My Best Diet Experience!

This gentleman explains how he found out about 5:2 from a friend and talks about their fasting experiences and the results achieved in terms of health benefits and weight loss.

How to measure your waist

Diabetes UK have posted his helpful video about how to measure your waist size as well as why waist size is an important health marker.

Have you seen another video which is helpful for fasters? Let us know in the comments!

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