Fasting for people aged 40+

When we are over 40, we care more about health than we used to – and we can’t take our bodies for granted any more.

FastDay’s goal is to help you achieve a permanently more healthy lifestyle. Going on a diet once in a while isn’t the answer at our age!

More of our members are aged 40–50 than any other decade. Here is why they love FastDay:

  • FastDay works.  We help our members lose some weight – and that’s the initial goal for many of us.

  • It is easy and flexible. Many 40-somethings have busy lives with kids, demanding jobs, or both. We need solutions that just work and don’t need too much effort.

  • Fasting has long term health benefits. Losing some weight will usually improve your health in the long term. Over and above this, the latest research suggests that fasting might prove to have additional health benefits for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We are watching this research closely!

Learn more about the health benefits of fasting.

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