Fasting for men

Since we started in January 2013, FastDay has proved to work well for men.

The average rate of weight loss for men in our community is 0.483kg/week and  11.3% of our members are men.

We think men particularly like FastDay and intermittent fasting methods such as 5:2  because:

  • Most of the time we are free to eat normally, and fasting does not take over our life in the way that a ‘diet’ can. You can love food and still succeed.

  • It works well. In fact, there is some evidence that fasting may be particularly well suited to the male physiology.

  • The rules of 5:2 fasting are clear, specific and waffle-free. On the two fasting days there is a clear rule, and we know what to do.

  • It appeals to the hunter-gatherer in us. Many men come to like the idea that they are hungry today (as if we hadn’t caught anything)…but that we will eat again tomorrow.

FastDay helps you track your progress, and compare how you are doing with other people. Is it unfair to say that men like to compete with each other….and love to have data?  We know we do.

FastDay is all about helping you succeed in reaching your goals and then staying there so you can live a healthier life and still love food.

Learn more about intermittent fasting methods or the science of fasting.

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