5 favourite lunch ideas from long-term 5:2 fasters

We asked the FastDay community what their favourite fast day lunches are – the answers may surprise you!

1. No lunch!

The majority of fasters said that they prefer not to have lunch on a fast day – or breakfast for that matter – saving all their calories for a good sized dinner and having a longer fasting period totally free of food. Many intermittent fasters find that as soon as they eat on a fast day, they feel hungry for the rest of the day – we like to call it ‘the hunger switch’, and a lot of fasters find it best not to flip this switch until absolutely necessary.

2. Yogurt and berries

Various fasters enjoy a sweet lunchtime treat with low fat yogurt to save on calories and a good helping of delicious seasonal berries.

3. Lettuce & deli meat wraps

Why waste calories on the carbs in a tortilla wrap when you can cut out the middle man and wrap your fillings in a big lettuce leaf? Some sliced ham or turkey with extra salad veg and a light dressing or hummus make a great filling for a low calorie lunch.

4. Egg & Salad

You can’t go wrong with eggs on a fast day (unless you’re allergic!) – packed full of nutrients and filling protein, a boiled egg on the side of a large, lightly-dressed green salad this fast day lunch is  quick and easy. Rustle it up from whatever green salad ingredients you have in the fridge, throw in some tomatoes or peppers for some extra colour if you have them.

5. Quorn sausages with lentil salad

This was a new one on me so I just had to include it! I’d never heard of lentil salad and when I asked what was in it, it sounded delicious: lentils, bulgar wheat, cucumber, yellow pepper, red onion and mint leaves, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.


For more fast day meal ideas, check out our recipes section or get some 100-150 calorie lunch ideas at the forum.

What’s your favourite lunch on a fast day? Let us know in the comments!

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