Every faster knows these are true! You know it’s a fast day when…

You know it’s a fast day when…

  1. Even your fruity shower gel smells delicious
  2. Your pet’s food smells so good that you get jealous of them
  3. You dream that you over indulged and ruined your fast
  4. Everyone around you seems to be talking about food
  5. Every bite tastes like a banquet
  6. You have to get the calculator out before making dinner
  7. You get ‘hangry’
  8. You feel hungry but sort of enjoy the sensation
  9. You keep brushing your teeth just to enjoy the calorie free minty flavour
  10. Your bladder simply isn’t big enough to cope with the amount of water you’re filling up on
  11. You fantasize about the most amazing breakfast for the next day (but never feel like eating it when tomorrow comes!)
  12. Your friend eats a muffin and you realise it contains a whole (fast) day of calories
  13. You seemingly revert to childhood – eating jelly for pudding and having a glass of milk before bed… at 9pm!


Numbers 1 & 2 are especially true for me – I must stop buying that lime shower gel!


Which ones are true for you? Can you think of any more? Let us know in the comments!

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