You can eat whatever you want if it is homemade…

If you’ve watched The Men Who Made Us Fat documentary or Sugar vs Fat, this video won’t come as a surprise to you – but it does sum up the issue very nicely indeed. Our bodies weren’t designed to cope with all the additives in processed food, and that magic combination of sugar, fat & salt which makes mass produced meals so appealing to our taste buds doesn’t do anything to help our health or our waistlines. We need to fuel our bodies properly, and that means real, homemade food. How else can we be sure exactly what we are putting into our bodies? Watch the below and do share if you agree!



I had never thought about it before quite how the video puts it, but it’s true – we have turned foods which would in the past have been an occasional treat into things we can eat on a regular, even daily, basis. Make it yourself when time allows and you (and your body!) will enjoy it all the more.

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