What are the most common problems with fasting?

Some people get headaches or feel they have low blood sugar when they start fasting. Or they have trouble coping with hunger pangs. Later on they may hit a plateau after a few weeks’ or months of weight loss. Or they are ill, or go through a stressful time in life. Our community has experienced …

Fasting and type 2 diabetes

Intermittent fasting can be an effective way of losing weight and managing type 2 diabetes. Many members of our community with type 2 diabetes are now free of diabetes medications, or have seen significant improvement. Learn more Get started for free

Fasting with medical conditions

Fasting is not for everyone.  If you have a medical condition, check with your doctor. Intermittent fasting is not recommended for children, people who are underweight, and women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Learn more Get started for free

The Fast Diet, 5:2 and Michael Mosley

The Fast Diet book was written by Dr Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer, and was based on Dr Mosley’s BBC Horizon documentary called Eat, Fast and Live Longer. It has proved a hugely popular guide to intermittent fasting and has sold over one million copies worldwide in its first year. It is focused on the …

Free to love food 5 days a week

Why fasting works better than Weight Watchers (and the others)

You will lose more fat but less muscle by fasting than you would on a conventional weight-loss diet. You’ll also find fasting much easier to stick to. You fast only for short periods: one or two days a week, and the rest of the time you are free to live normally. You can be a …

Fasting for health

If you are overweight, you undoubtedly know that losing weight will be good for your health. But the latest scientific research suggests that there are likely to be health benefits from fasting, over and above the benefit of weight loss. These include reduced risk from conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. …

Fasting for weight loss and weight control

Intermittent fasting regimes like The Fast Diet are a great way to lose weight.  Even better, fasting allows you to keep the weight off forever, and find a Way of Eating that you can stick to permanently. Learn more Get started for free