Fasting for people who are sized XXL

FastDay can help you if you are XXL – what doctors call Obese or Morbidly Obese. We have great, practical and permanently sustainable ways of helping you lose weight. Here is why using FastDay, and becoming part of our community,  might work better than the ‘diets’ you have tried before: 1. FastDay really works. Following …

It's about health not getting into a smaller pair of jeans

Combining Fasting with Low carb and Paleo

Here at FastDay, we have a lot of respect for people following low carb or Paleo Ways of Eating.  We share a similar philosophy: An emphasis on permanent, sustainable, healthy ways of eating rather than quick fixes that do not work; A belief than natural ‘real food’ is generally healthier than processed food made in …

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Meal replacement diets

Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, New Lifestyle Diet, Slimfast Many FastDayers have used meal replacements in the past as a way of dieting.  They are popular because they can help you lose weight, and they are easier than doing Weight Watchers or calorie counting. The problems with meal replacement products are: They only work for a …

Weight watchers

A huge number of FastDay’s members have previously tried Weight Watchers as a way of losing weight. They have almost always put the weight back on again. There are four reasons why FastDay is proving to be so popular with ex-members of Weight Watchers. 1. FastDay works better. You might already know the results of …

Fasting for people aged 40+

When we are over 40, we care more about health than we used to – and we can’t take our bodies for granted any more. FastDay’s goal is to help you achieve a permanently more healthy lifestyle. Going on a diet once in a while isn’t the answer at our age! More of our members are …

Fasting for men

Since we started in January 2013, FastDay has proved to work well for men. The average rate of weight loss for men in our community is 0.483kg/week and  11.3% of our members are men. We think men particularly like FastDay and intermittent fasting methods such as 5:2  because: Most of the time we are free …

Side-effects of losing a lot of weight

If you lose a lot of weight, you might experience side effects such as saggy skin. Here are some side-effects from your success and how to deal with them.

Fasting with type 2 diabetes

Intermittent fasting is a great strategy for managing Type 2 Diabetes. Here are some tips especially for fasters with diabetes.

It's about health not getting into a smaller pair of jeans

What should be my goal weight?

What is your ideal weight? Is it realistic to set it as a target? Will you be able to maintain your weight at this point? These are some questions you need to answer when setting your target weight.

Successful weight maintenance strategies

Many people successfully lose weight but few keep the weight off. Continuing with intermittent fasting and careful monitoring is the way to successful maintenance

There are so many myths about diets and fasting. Let's do some myth-busting!

Busting myths about fasting and weight loss

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Can fasting cause the body to hang on to fat? We investigate the truth behind some widespread weight loss beliefs.

Science of fasting

Science of fasting – the basics

Humans have been fasting for its spiritual benefits for centuries but it is only recently that science has begun to investigate fasting as a way to improve our health.

Feeling hungry=Body in repair mode

Changes in our bodies when we fast

As soon as we have finished absorbing the nutrients from our last meal our body enters the fasting state during which repairs are made, we burn our fat stores and become a more efficient organism.