Fasting for people who are sized XXL

FastDay can help you if you are XXL – what doctors call Obese or Morbidly Obese. We have great, practical and permanently sustainable ways of helping you lose weight.

Here is why using FastDay, and becoming part of our community,  might work better than the ‘diets’ you have tried before:

1. FastDay really works.

Following a simple regime like 5:2 fasting, you will see steady weight loss. On average people lose about 0.5 kg (1lb) per week.

There are faster ways to lose weight – but FastDay is all about sustaining it permanently.

You will get into habits that stick. This means you have a great chance of sticking with your new Way of Eating  – and ensuring you do not regain your lost weight.

Our goal is to be 10 times as successful as the diet industry. We want 50% of us to succeed permanently. FastDay is all about finding a long term Way of Eating instead of a string of temporary diets.  We want to help our members achieve permanent and sustainable success.

2. FastDay is easy to do.

Using FastDay doesn’t take over your life. You are not constantly calculating points or counting calories. If you use 5:2 fasting, you focus on following the plan two days a week  – and you are free to eat normally and enjoy your food for the other five days.

3. Fasting is healthy, especially if you have prediabetes.

Fasting has health benefits you don’t get with conventional diets like Weight Watchers. The latest research suggests fasting may help reduce the risks of diabetes, and reduce the need for diabetes medication.

4. Fast Day is cheaper (free!)

Losing a large amount of weight takes time, and can be very expensive with commercial diets.  It is so depressing if you put the weight back on again!

With FastDay, you can succeed for free. That’s how we want it to be.

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