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Many FastDayers have used meal replacements in the past as a way of dieting.  They are popular because they can help you lose weight, and they are easier than doing Weight Watchers or calorie counting.

The problems with meal replacement products are:

  • They only work for a short time. Soon, you will have put the weight back on again. These products do not ofier a long term solution or a new Way of Eating.

  • They are not healthy.  Take a look at the ingredients on the packaging! These are not healthy, natural, nutritious products.

  • They are expensive. You can spend a lot of money to lose some weight, and then a few weeks or months later you are back to where you started.

We can understand that meal replacements are a big business – but we think there is a better way.

Losing weight with FastDay is just as easy as using a meal replacement – fasting doesn’t take over your life or require permanent willpower like calorie counting does.

But FastDay gives you a permanent and healthy Way of Eating – not just a temporary fix. If that is what you are looking for, come and join us.

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