7 Great Tools Every Faster Needs!


1. Bathroom Scales

Don’t dread stepping on them, even if they do sometimes lie*

Most people who fast are doing so at least in part for weight loss (and of course health benefits and weight loss go hand in hand!), so to track your progress a pair of simple bathroom scales are an essential which needn’t break the bank. It’s even possible to measure your body fat % on some inexpensive models available on the high street. As with many things in life you can find a scale to suit your budget – be it a basic model or a modern set of wifi scales complete with automated tracking and a weather forecast!

Cost: From around £10.00
* Why do the scales sometimes lie? Read this!



2. Measuring Tape

A more accurate method than counting belt notches!

You’ll notice your shape changing as you lose weight and it’s a great motivator and measure of your success to keep track of those vital statistics with a handy measuring tape, available from all good sewing shops for little more than a song*. Just be sure not to pull the tape too tight when you measure if you want an accurate reading, and try to measure around the same spot each time. For some tips on where and how to measure, click here.

Cost: Around £1.00 at most
* Please note that singing to the cashier may not be considered a valid form of payment for your purchase!


3. Kitchen Scales

Weigh your food when preparing it to get those calories just right!

When it comes to calorie counting for your fast days, every gram really counts so accuracy is important if you want to stay within your calories. A pair of digital kitchen scales will aid in your food preparation as well as allowing you to divide out equal portions when you batch cook. Some of the fancier models will even give you nutritional information about the food you’re weighing, which will please those of us who thrive on this kind of detail. Now go and find some yummy recipes on the FastDay Food site!

Cost: From around £10.00


4. Oil Spray Pump

Fat, regardless of what you may have been led to believe, is not the enemy!

Natural fats are good for us and our body is able to process them more easily than the modern day additive-filled overly processed alternatives. Why use a low calorie can of oil spray which may contain as little as 50% natural oils when you can use the real thing? Not only is this better for you but it’s also better for the environment as you’ll be reusing your sprayer rather than throwing away the empty spray can each time!

Cost: From around £10.00


5. A Smaller Plate

It’s all in the mind!

If you’re splitting up your fast day calories, a simple psychological aid in the early days is to use a smaller plate for your meals as it makes the meal look bigger. You may even find yourself using it on feed days as your appetite decreases.

Cost: From as little as £1.00 – you may even already have a side plate you can use!


6. Recipe Collection

Planning your eating is the key to fasting success!

Variety is the spice of life and a good collection of recipes for your fast days will help keep boredom at bay and make this way of eating sustainable for you. There are lots of great recipe books available specifically for intermittent fasters and most are very reasonably priced. You can also find lots of fast day friendly recipes online with a quick Google search, or simpler still why not pop along to the FastDay Food area and search the collection of recipes we’ve compiled for you from around the web?

Cost: Around £5 or less for most fasting recipe books, or our FastDay Food collection is free!


7. Fasting friends

We’re not actually calling your friends tools!

We’ve probably all tried to go it alone before but if we’ve learned one thing from the FastDay Forum it’s hat having friends who support and understand what you’re doing is really beneficial. Fasting is relatively new in the world of weight loss and there are sadly still a lot of nay-sayers to contend with. Joining up at the forum means you can meet lots of lovely people who believe in fasting – many who have achieved great success – to inspire, motivate, offer support and answer your questions. Best of all, it’s free!

Cost: The forum is free but the friends are simply priceless!

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