Minced Beef and Mint Kheema

A lovely low-calorie beef Kheema, which, is an Indian curry that uses minced beef or lamb; it is well worth making the spice mix as shown in the recipe ingredients, as this makes for a more fragrant curry, and can be easily measured and mixed before cooking commences.

Curried Carrot Soup

A delicious soup with bags of flavour and yet each bowl is only 85 calories. (Or 100 calories with the croutons).

Tiger Prawn Curry with Basmati Rice

An authentic “Fake Away” Prawn Curry “Take Away”, but this curry is notched up an extra level as it is made with Tiger Prawns and a delicious home-made curry sauce paste.

Easy Low-Fat Monkfish Curry

Why bother with ready-made meals from the supermarket when you can have this lovely fish curry on the table in under half an hour!

Aloo Gobhi

This is probably the most common and basic vegetable curry you will find anywhere in India. Cooked pretty much nine months of the year, it is one of those recipes that sparks an intense debate over authenticity. One of the disadvantages of its universal appeal is that there is no such thing as a universal recipe!

Mushroom and Potato Curry

This was a really simple curry to make. It filled the kitchen with mouth watering aromas as it cooked.

Roasted Veg Vindaloo

A flavourful and spicy curry paste that is easy to make and has a bit of a kick.

Spinach and Coconut Dal

A delicious, but frugal family meal, that can be thrown together in under half an hour. Great for during the week, when you get in from work late and need to put a meal on the table.

Spicy Spinach and Potato Curry

FastDay collects the best fasting recipes from the web and this recipe appears on the Tinned Tomatoes blog. For full details on how to make this recipe, please visit the Tinned Tomatoes website using the link below.

Tiger Prawn Curry

A great tasting curry that doesn’t take up too many Fastday calories!