Intermittent fasting for health

I don't see hunger as a problem to be solved anymore. I eat better even when I am not fasting. Getting into new and better habits! We love it!

Health benefits of fasting

When you fast, powerful changes take place in your body.  These changes can have significant health benefits, potentially reducing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s.

Learn more about the evidence, and the science of fasting

The health benefits of fasting are not completely understood, and a huge amount of research remains to be done (we at FastDay want to be part of this), BUT there is encouraging evidence that fasting may decrease your risk of:

  • Diabetes: scientific studies in animal and humans have been able to show fasting can reduce insulin resistance (the main cause of type 2 diabetes)
  • Heart disease and stroke: insulin resistance is also well established to increase the risk of heart disease and stroke and lowering insulin resistance has been shown to reduce heart disease risk
  • Alzheimer’s disease: studies in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease have shown that fasting can delay the onset of the disease
  • Scientific studies of the effects of fasting on other conditions in animals and in humans are underway.

At FastDay we are constantly monitoring the scientific research into fasting and it is our mission to keep you updated with all the latest developments.

Are you a research scientist working in the field of intermittent fasting? We would love to talk to you and learn more about your work. Please contact FastDay.

Learn more about the health benefits of fasting

What if you already have type 2 diabetes or other medical conditions?

Few scientific studies have yet been done but short-term fasts have been proved to help blood glucose control in people with diabetes. Several people in the FastDay community who have type 2 diabetes have found that fasting has helped them improve their blood sugar readings, reduced their need for diabetes drugs and given them control over their condition.

While no scientific studies have been performed in people who have heart disease, there have been scientific studies showing that fasting improves risk factors for heart disease in obese men and women.

Learn more about fasting with diabetes and other medical conditions


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