Scales are all the same, right? Wrong. The technology within a simple set of bathroom scales has developed hugely, so that not only can they now weigh you more accurately, but they can also calculate your heart rate and body fat, sync with your apps and even track the air quality inside your house. Check out our favourite scales below.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Price: £129.95

This set of scales really can do it all. The position control feature will help you properly position your body for accurate measurements, which can then automatically sync with over 100 apps (including MyFitnessPal, and RunKeeper). It will also record your heart rate and your body fat percentage, so you can use a variety of different metrics to track how your body changes as you get healthier with FastDay. Amazingly, it can also track the carbon dioxide concentration in your home, giving you an indication of how well ventilated your home is.

Withings scales also look great – their sleek, futuristic devices are more akin to Apple products than a set of bathroom scales. The only drawback is the high price tag – but at least you know at that price you are getting unbelievable quality.

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Eatsmart Precision GetFit Scale


Price: $49.99

The Eatsmart Precision scale can measure weight, body fat, muscle mass and water weight – although the latter 3 are mostly derived from algorithms which take in your weight, height, gender and age. They do also include the result of a very low electrical current which the scale generates between your feet, but that only ‘fine-tunes’ the algorithm.

Whilst the EatSmart Precision Scale does generate a lot of data, frustratingly it doesn’t automatically sync with either your computer or your phone – so you have to manually record the results. However, it is significantly cheaper than other smart scales.

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Omron Body Composition Monitor


Price: £48.00

Like other smart scales, the Omron can not only measure your weight, but also, through clever algorithms, your body fat, muscle mass, water weight body age and resting metabolism. Unlike other scales, the Omron Body Composition Monitor has a detachable LED screen, which makes entering data and reading results easy.

Annoyingly, the Omron doesn’t sync data with your computer or any fitness apps – although it does store results for 180 days so you can track your data without manually recording it. Aesthetically, it also lags behind the competition – although its detachable LED screen is neat, the connecting cable is bulky and is probably best hidden away.

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


Price: £84.99

If you’re a FitBit fan, this is the scale for you. This smart scale automatically syncs your weight, body fat percentage and a bunch of other cool metrics with your FitBit account. After the first set-up, it automatically syncs with your account after each time you weigh yourself and plugs your measurements in, so that you can see them on phone, tablet and computer.

Like other FitBit devices, its design is sleek and elegant. The only issue is that it isn’t yet compatible with other apps – but FitBit have made it open to developers so hopefully it should  be able to sync with other apps soon!

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