What a great gift!

Do you have a gift to buy for someone who is a faster? A fasting buddy? Or your significant other?

We have collected some gift ideas we recommend for the faster in your life. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest you buy them some weighing scales)

Coming soon: programs

FastDay will soon be launching programs. And they are going to make great gifts: something useful, interesting and enjoyable for a faster in your life.

Programs will be like doing a class at the gym, or like having a personal trainer – but all done virtually so they are much cheaper – and focused on fasting. Here are some examples:

  • LWNGF Lost Weight Now Get Fit. A program for people who have succeeded in losing weight and are now ready to move to the next stage of a healthier lifestyle by doing some exercise and getting fit.

  • 40 beats 30. Be healthier & lighter in your 40s than you were in your 30s. A progam in which our coaches and experts help you make it happen. A great gift for a forty-something!

  • The Lab: a weight loss group for the scientifically inclined, led by a real expert on the science.

  • Stop Snoring. The perfect gift for Dad! A program to help him lose enough weight to get healthier and to stop that infernal snoring…

  • Learn healthy shopping and cooking: a program of classes to help you learn how to shop and cook in a healthier way. A great gift to help someone on their journey to a healthier and freer life.

These programs are coming soon. Register your interest.

Recipe books

Recipe books make great gifts. FastDay has compiled a great selection of recommended recipe books for fasters.

Exercise trackers

An exercise tracker makes a fantastic gift for someone who likes gizmos – especially if they enjoy exercise, or are thinking of exercising more.  We are sorry if you end up having to listen ALL the time to your significant other talking about how many steps they have done today. Check out our recommended exercise trackers.

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