What is The Every Other Day Diet?

The Every Other Day Diet is the name given to  the ADF method of intermittent fasting recommended by Dr Krista Varady of the University of Illinois, USA. Dr Varady has undertaken several studies of the benefits of intermittent fasting for overweight subjects. The results from her studies encouraged her to create the Every Other Day Diet.

Dr Varady has published several  scientific papers reporting on the effectiveness of ADF for weight loss and improvements of risk factors of cardiovascular disease.1

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How do I do it?

Fast days: every other day eat just 500 calories, preferably at lunchtime but you can choose what suits you best.

Non-fast days: eat whatever you like.

FastDay says: Less flexible than fasting for only 2 days a week and harder to plan ahead for social events as you need a diary to work out which days are fast days. Scientific studies show good results.

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Why I like fasting every other day

Forum member nursebean says: “ADF has given me the structure I needed and I am seeing marvellous results. I started doing Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) or Eating Every Other Day on the 18th January…I had gone up to 12 stone. Today, the 17th March I weigh 11 stone 4. I can see a pattern emerging and if I’m right, I should weigh 11:2 on Sunday (my weekly weigh-in this week) and then next Saturday remain the same. The following Sunday I should be 10:13! YES ADF is working for me…I LOVE ADF!!!”

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