Easy Baked Bacon and Mushroom Risotto

A delicious oven baked risotto with only 380 calories per serving, meaning you can have your bacon and wine, as well as risotto and eat it, whilst on a low-calorie or healthy diet!

Field Mushroom & Artichoke Risotto

FastDay collects the best fasting recipes from the web and this recipe appears on the Tinned Tomatoes blog. For full details on how to make this recipe, please visit the Tinned Tomatoes website using the link below.

Mushroom & Spinach Risotto

We love risotto! Our favourite is a mushroom and basil risotto, but I decided to add spinach this time and it certainly added to the depth of flavour. I think I will be adding spinach to mushroom risotto from now on!

Mushroom risotto

This lovely risotto tastes great but is very low in calories!