The basics of nutrition and healthy eating

We are bombarded with dietary advice from all directions. At FastDay we don’t tell you what to eat, instead we try to explain some nutritional principles so you can eat mindfully.

Science of fasting

Science of fasting – the basics

Humans have been fasting for its spiritual benefits for centuries but it is only recently that science has begun to investigate fasting as a way to improve our health.

Feeling hungry=Body in repair mode

Changes in our bodies when we fast

As soon as we have finished absorbing the nutrients from our last meal our body enters the fasting state during which repairs are made, we burn our fat stores and become a more efficient organism.

Exercise is SO good for our health. But it doesn't affect our weight much.

How does exercise affect metabolism?

Exercise has many effects on the metabolism, including changing the fuel being used and altering metabolic pathways to make exercise easier on the next occasion.

Normally your body's energy comes from glucose in your food. After about 12 hours fasting you body switches to burning fat.

Fasting and burning fat

Our bodies are able to use our fat stores to supply energy during fasting. This article explains how it works.

How does fasting work? Explain the science to me. First I need to explain the basics of how we process food we have digested.

An introduction to human metabolism

Our bodies are able to make the most of the food we eat by storing any excess calories in the form of fat which we can call on during fasting. This article explains how it works.