It's about health not getting into a smaller pair of jeans

Combining Fasting with Low carb and Paleo

Here at FastDay, we have a lot of respect for people following low carb or Paleo Ways of Eating.  We share a similar philosophy: An emphasis on permanent, sustainable, healthy ways of eating rather than quick fixes that do not work; A belief than natural ‘real food’ is generally healthier than processed food made in …

What is Alternate Day Fasting?

Alternating fast days with feast days has been well researched as a method for weight loss and is surprisingly easy to do. It’s good if you are looking for more rapid weight loss.

Inventing your own fasting method

You don’t need to follow anyone else’s method of intermittent fasting. It’s about doing what works for you, and what you can sustain in the long term. Use our guide to invent your own method.