Fast days at… Pizza Express

Pizza Express has become a feature on every British high-street, with its consistently good pizzas and its never-ending voucher offers. Here we explore their menu, to try and find The Good, The Bad and the Ugly…

The Good: Pizza Express has 4 pizzas in its ‘Leggara section’ that are all under 500 calories – the American Hot Leggara comes in at only 396. Despite that, they are both delicious and filling, making them a fantastic option for a Fastday dinner, and giving you enough room for a snack earlier on in the day.

The Bad: Despite being a starter, and having the word ‘Salad’ in the title, the Mozzarella and Tomato Salad contains over 450 calories making it the worst fast day choice of the starters on offer.

The Ugly: This is a straight tie between the Calzone Verdure and the Chocolate Glory Dessert. Having both would mean 99% of a woman’s RDA of calories! Scary – best to stay away!

Verdict: The Pizza Express menu certainly has some monstrosities – but if you’re careful then a meal out there is certainly compatible with a fast day.  If in doubt, talk to your waiter – they have a section on their website about the 5:2 diet, so they should be able to point out the best options for you on the menu.

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