Fast days at… ASK

ASK has helped transport the best bits of Italy (the food!) straight to our high streets. Here we explore their menu, to try and find The Good, The Bad and the Ugly…

The Good: ASK’s pasta portions can all be ordered as ½ portions with a side salad, which is a fantastic flexible option for Fastdays. Their ½ portion of Fettucine Bolognese with salad comes in at under 400 calories, while their ½ portion of Linguine con Frutti di Mare is only 297!

The Bad: The Antipasto Classico Board, which in on the starters menu, is a whopping 753 calories, which would be over most Fastday budgets! Second prize goes to the side dish of chips with garlic mayonnaise, which is 671 calories.

The Ugly: The clear winner here was the Prima Salsiccia, which is a monstrous 1256 calories – more than two Fastdays put together!

Verdict: We love that ASK offers the flexibility of smaller portions with salad – why don’t more restaurants do this? However, there are still some things to be avoided on their menu, and unlike other popular chains they don’t offer any Fastday-compatible pizzas.


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