Tips if weight loss is slow or stuck

Your weight change after the first fast day is not representative

You’ll no doubt be itching to jump on the scales to see what effect your first fast might have had. You will likely see quite a big change, or you might not see any. Whatever you find, be aware that it will be mostly down to water. The fat lost with fasting is gradual but sustained. Over the next weeks and months you will see steady progress, so don’t be alarmed at what the scales tell you after Day 1 or Week 1.

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Measure your waist

Measuring your waist is a better way of telling whether you are getting slimmer than jumping on the scales. If you were to weigh yourself everyday you would notice that, even if you ate pretty much the same thing each day, your weight would vary by up to 2kg with no apparent reason. Because of this, any single weigh-in does not tell us much about whether we are losing, gaining or staying the same. Although waist measurements do vary a little, they are much more reliable.

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Visit the FastDay Forum for encouragement and inspiration

If you are feeling low, worried about something or just want to chat, you’ll find plenty of support and encouragement at the FastDay Forum. There is always a ‘Fasting today’ thread where you can chat with other people who are currently fasting, plus there are dedicated threads for different types of intermittent fasting.

Visit the FastDay Forum

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